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Thank you to all who have shared their interest in becoming an Altar Server and who are currently serving as Altar Servers and serving at the altar of the Lord.  All those who have made their 1st Holy Communion and are in 4th grade or above, including the high school students, are eligible to join the ministry of Altar Servers.   If you would like to join us for the training or have any questions, please contact Kathy Gregorio at or 856-262-4908 or please call the parish office 856-629-6142.  Please send your child’s name, age, grade and your email address and phone number.  We look forward to meeting you!!






Join us in Welcoming our NEW Director of Music & Worship  Joachim Cendana 

Dear Parishioners,  

My name is Joachim Cendana, and I have been a member of Our Lady of Peace Parish since 2006. Many of you may already know me as I have been a member  of the music ministry since 2011. I currently play and sing for the 4pm Saturday Mass, and I have played for the 7:30am Sunday Mass for a number of years.  I also lead the Filipino Ministry choir during our monthly Masses, and I sang in the adult choir for a few years as well. In addition to the music ministry, I served  as a teacher’s aide and catechist in our parish’s CCD program from 2009-2017,  and most recently, I served as a 6th grade teacher at St. Mary School from September 2017-January 2023. 

I feel very blessed and honored to be taking on the role of Director of music and worship, following in the  footsteps of Jon Agresta, who has served our parish for many decades and who continues to offer his  incredible talent and skill to our faith community. Jon will continue to be active in the music ministry and to  direct the adult choir, and I will be assisting and collaborating with him in these capacities. In addition, I will be  assuming the various responsibilities of music director, including planning for the weekend Masses, special  liturgies, and other events that take place in our parish throughout the year. I look forward to serving you  and our parish in this new role. 

I want to extend my gratitude to Jon Agresta and Fr. Sanjai for their encouragement, support, and assistance as  I step into this position, and to my family, friends, and my many colleagues both at the parish and the school for  all their help and for always believing in me. Most importantly, I give praise and thanks to God and honor to the  Blessed Mother for providing me this incredible opportunity, one that I have aspired to for many years. 

Thank you, and may God bless you always!   Joachim



The Diocese of Camden – Understanding the Mass 

“We do have this printed out for you to pick up a complete set if you missed a part or are unable to print it.

Please stop in the Parish Office for a copy.”

Part 1 “The Introductory Rites”

Part 2 ” The Liturgy of the Word”

Part 3 ” Preparing the Altar & Gifts”

Part 4 “The Eucharistic Prayer”

Part 5 “The Rite of Communion”

Part 6 “The Concluding Rites” 

Click on the link below for the 6 Parts of Understanding the Mass.

Understanding the Mass

Hearing Assistance Available
We are equipped with a hearing assistance system.  They are located at the elevators  you may use your own earplugs or if your hearing aids have a “T” setting you may use the lanyard.  You may sit anywhere in the church including the cry room.  For assistance just ask one of the ushers.